By purchasing this product you are contributing to the sustainability of the planet. Thank you for the trust and hope placed in WONDERFLIP. Remember that the use of inappropriate items in your bed, can cause damage that we can not be responsible for. Therefore we give you the following tips:

  • This mattress is delivered vacuum packed, so we recommend unpacking it in the first 24 hours after receiving it, and wait 6 hours to make it fully suitable for rest. Although, it may not reach its maximum height until 72 hours later.
  • New mattresses can give off a certain odor during the first days, which will disappear soon and which is harmless.
  • Do not place your new mattress on a base or box spring in poor condition. A suitable base extends the life of your mattress.
  • Protect it from liquids with a protective cover.
  • Ventilation of the room and mattress is recommended every morning to keep it in optimal conditions of temperature and humidity. We will avoid the appearance of mold stains that are excluded from the warranty.
  • Do not bend the mattress.
  • Do not jump or stand on the mattress, or endorse sharp or heavy objects on it. Mattresses are for horizontal weights, not vertical.
  • The lifetime of a mattress is around 8 years. The perfect preservation of the fabric, the thread and the closure system depend on the correct use of the product.



We know how important it is to try a mattress with peace of mind. That’s why we let you do it in your own home. WONDERFLIP has a 30-night trial guarantee since you receive it at home, although we are convinced that it will captivate you on the first night! From the moment you receive your order, you will have 30 nights to confirm that you keep it, or return it. In the latter case, we will refund you 100% of the amount paid. If you have paid your order in full or financed it, we will pay you by transfer the amount paid. If you choose the payment option financed by Aplázame, the outstanding amounts will be cancelled.


The product you want to return to us has to be in perfect condition, without presenting damage of any type or stains of any size during its test process. You can see all the information here.

The following causes will exclude the return of the product during the 100-day trial period:

  • 10% variation of the mattress height and width. Body marks of the user on the padding after sleeping several hours.
  • Presence of moisture, stains or mold. remind our customers at this point that these types of stains are due to the lack of perspiration of the mattress caused by the bedding used, by the excessive humidity of the environment or by the lack of air circulation.

In the event of a return of the product due to customer dissatisfaction during the 100-day trial period, the return costs will be covered by the buyer.


Send us an e-mail to hola@colchonwonderflip.com with your request and your personal data. As soon as we receive it and make the necessary checks, we will begin the process.


This product is guaranteed against any manufacturing defect for a period of 3 years. For the validity of the guarantee, presentation of the invoice and receipt of the payment shall be a necessary and indispensable condition. WONDERFLIP reserves the right not to make the guarantee effective if the requested documentation is not received. Defects caused by:

  • Deformation or breakage in transport and/or storage, by misuse or by being placed on incorrect or damaged bases or frames.
  • 10% variation of the mattress height and width. Body marks of the user on the padding after sleeping several hours
  • Dirt, damage or organic or inorganic marks produced by fire, water, liquid spillage, excessive humidity in the environment or any natural element or other external agents.
  • Moisture problems or stains (mold). They are not considered a defect because it is the cause of the lack of perspiration of the mattress caused by bedding or excessive humidity in the environment or lack of air circulation.
  • Anomalies, deformations or breakages caused by repairs made by the consumer or persons outside our technical service.
  • Inadequate maintenance or improper washing methods.
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