Every year, 30 million mattresses are disposed of in Europe and end up in landfill or incinerated. And to solve this problem we have created WONDERFLIP, the first AUTOrecyclable mattress. 

We have proposed that WONDERFLIP is the most comfortable and healthy mattress at the same time as the most ecological, sustainable, green, eco-friendly, econsistent, or whatever you want to call it. ¡ And we made it! We have reduced to the maximum, and like no other, its carbon footprint from start to finish:  thanks to the careful selection of its materials and an innovative eco-design that allows its AUTOrecycled, WONDERFLIP solves the big environmental problem of mattresses when they reach their end of life.

Wonderflip, is the first mattress prepared so that you can at home, easily recycle and reuse it yourself at home. You can sleep with a clear conscience that your mattress won’t go to the landfill or be incinerated. You will not contribute to air and ecosystem pollution, but to a new paradigm where natural resources are used in an efficient and environmentally friendly way.

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